Increasing and decreasing your chat volume

Every business will want something different from live chat; from capturing new inquiries, answering purchase questions, boosting recruitment, the list goes on. Whether you want to increase your chat volume, or decrease it, here are some top tips to help you achieve it:

Want to increase your chat volume? Then here are some handy ways to keep those chats pouring in:

– Make yourself more accessible to visitors by having live chat on multiple pages across your website.
– Change up your proactive chat settings to encourage more visitors to engage into a conversation.
– Try removing web forms in favor of live chat and monitor what it does to inquiry levels.
– Go 24/7 and catch the 46% of people who like to chat out of hours.
– Take a step back and think about why you tried live chat in the first place. Do you want it to drive sales, promote your brand or help to deliver great customer service? When you’ve got this clear in your mind, you can make sure you’re encouraging the right kind of chats for your business needs.

So, you want to decrease your chats. Here are some tips to help curb the volume:

– Remove live chat from pages where web forms or other types of communication work well, or even pages with high traffic during peak times.
– Reduce the hours live chat is available to visitors.
– Utilize your own agents so they answer chats whenever they can, and only the overflow chats are sent through to Moneypenny.
– Strengthen your website’s FAQs page so visitors are more likely to find the answers they’re looking for without needing to chat.
– Use Chatbot technology to capture valuable information and filter chats so your agents are only handling the most valuable conversations.

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