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Phone answering delivered by someone you know and trust

We don’t just provide awesome people to work exactly as if based in your business, we also answer calls as confidently and knowledgeably as you, with the help of our proprietary technology. This unique combination means we’re the only provider who can truly say we are a seamless extension of you and your team.

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Here’s why our phone answering service is different

Here’s why our phone answering service is different

Brilliant people

Awesome, US-based people you’d happily employ yourself

Bespoke software

Bespoke call handling software so we sound exactly like you


A perfected, one-of-a-kind phone answering environment

Amazing people with a positive approach

  • Hand-picked to work for us
  • Trained to a gold standard

Our thorough recruitment and training process ensures our people know exactly how to deliver incredible service. So we can make sure this happens on every call, our receptionists sit in collaborative teams of five, allowing them to share useful tips and tricks to ensure overall quality remains exceptionally high.

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Just some of our fantastic receptionists

Anyone can answer the phone. The way we handle your calls is unlike any other provider.

How we know the call is for you

We’ll have everything we need to answer calls exactly as if based in your business, because your company information presents automatically when a call comes through, allowing us to be just as knowledgeable as any member of your in-house team.

We can tell if they’ve called before

If you have VIPs that call regularly, or pesky cold calls that you would rather let ring out, just tell us. Our technology is able to identify their name (so we don’t need to ask again), who they previously called for and why, meaning we can handle every call to your exact requirements.

We're able to have a free-flowing conversation

We never limit our conversations to a script, it’s just not how we do things. We prefer to have a free-flowing conversation with callers, which we can do by having all of the information you think we need to know at the ready; from addresses and directions, to product information and more.

We know your team's real-time availability

Unlike other phone answering providers who can only support a limited number of basic diaries, e.g. new inquiry line, you can make changes to your availability at any time via our portal or even automatically by changing your Microsoft Teams status. We can even adjust call transfer and message preferences for all of your team members.

We carry out the necessary steps to complete the call

Our clever technology, including world-first integration with Microsoft Teams, means we can transfer calls to you wherever you’re working; whether you’re in the office or at home. We can even send pre-qualified inquiries straight into your CRM and book appointments straight into your calendar. Whenever you’re available, we’ll send a message by email or text, the choice is yours.

Red carpet treatment for a new opportunity
Greeting a repeat caller
Filtering out an unsolicited cold caller

Real caller conversations with names & information anonymised for data protection purposes

Our Phone Answering Service is integrated with all your software favorites​
US Office

An office dedicated to delighting callers

Over the past 20 years, we’ve created the perfect environment for answering calls - from how our desks are designed to the materials we use, everything centers around callers and giving them the best possible experience, without any noise in the background. For our people, it’s a stunning place to call home.

  • Sound absorbent materials throughout
  • The best Jabra headsets & tech equipment
  • Collaborative honeycomb desk layouts
  • Natural light levels
  • Lots of human touches including drink stations & a wellbeing room
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Our team have voted us as the very best
Keen to reimagine how phone answering services were delivered, Moneypenny’s brother and sister co-founders were determined to provide businesses with amazing people who love what they do because they’re rewarded, treated well, and are always trusted to use their initiative. We think we’ve got the balance right:
Great place to work
WOTY - Gold Award


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