Partnering with Rainbow Village to inspire hope

Rainbow Village is a safe housing community-based in Duluth, Georgia, whose core focus is to provide help, hope, housing, and healing to families experiencing homelessness. Michelle Alcorn, Community Engagement Coordinator for the organization, has said of the charity, “Rainbow Village provides a safe housing community where dignity, self-respect, and hope are restored to families in need. The charity aims not to work for its families, but rather with the families and to truly listen to their personalized needs and guide them to wholeness.”

We at Moneypenny have connected with the charity after our awesome employees raised $5,000 alongside providing everyday items, such as, toiletries, cooking equipment, cutlery, etc. through their ‘Give a Gift’ scheme held every year around the Christmas holidays. Besides receiving donations, Rainbow Village staff were also invited to our amazing office here in Duluth. They were so impressed with the aesthetic of the working environment and our renowned culture, that they wanted to replicate this back on their campus.

The Rainbow Village team said that the funds will be put to good use in improving the acoustics in their Community Center chapel, where they hold life skills workshops for residents. The funds will also be used to improve the breakroom in the Family Service Center, where staff come together to share a meal during a hard day’s work.

In this short interview, Michelle reveals upcoming projects for the organization and shares more on why they have partnered with Moneypenny.

What are you excited about this year? Are there any new projects or initiatives planned for 2023?

“We’ve secured a contract for the property adjacent to where we are currently based in Duluth, that has the potential to provide up to 30 or 40 additional apartments. This would double the capacity we have at the moment, so we’re very excited to be able to press ahead with this project in the coming year.”

 Tell us something many don’t know about Rainbow Village.

“Most people don’t actually realize that we serve all kinds of families. They think we only serve single moms, when in fact, we have served married couples, single fathers, and grandparents with custody of minor children.”

What excites you most about our partnership?

“We are impressed by Moneypenny’s desire to get to know us and serve alongside us in a true relationship that is ongoing, and not just transactional. We also love the energy, creativity and heart that the leadership has shown us. We are excited about the possibility of an employment partnership that would allow our residents to experience the benefits of working for a company with such an employee-focused culture.”

Here at Moneypenny, we are thrilled to be partnering with Rainbow Village and look forward to seeing the impact our working relationship has now and into the future.